Agile Money Transfers

Our business EFT solutions allow for fast money transfers directly to and from financial institutions. Electronic funds transfer services work by moving money across an online network, effectively replacing paper bills and cheques. Ensure more seamless and secure payment processing with EFT solutions from Pateno.

Electronic Funds Transfer Services

Reduce time & money spent on payment collection with our business EFT solutions

Partner with Pateno to easily integrate and implement electronic funds transfers. You can process in single transactions or through bulk files, similar to e-Transfers for business. Eliminate operating expenses such as writing and collecting cheques, manually processing payments, and reconciling accounts. EFTs are simple, secure, and reliable.

Benefits of Business EFT Solutions

Bill Payment Platform

Higher transfer limits

Our business EFT solutions offer the most convenient solution for transferring larger sums of money online, as the limit for EFTs can be higher than the limit for e-Transfers. And while the money from an EFT may not be instantly accessible, EFTs are still a faster alternative to large sum money transfers that may be placed on hold for several weeks.

Minimize administrative costs

Transferring funds electronically between financial institutions eliminates the need to deal with manual cheque runs and cuts down on the administrative fees. Plus, you can use bulk files for multiple transfers to further reduce costs versus single payment transactions.

E-Transfer Business Account
Electronic Funds Transfer Services

Mitigate fraud & forgery

Cheques are becoming a thing of the past. Not only is the finance industry slowly making the transition to paperless, but cheques have also historically given rise to potential fraud and signature forgery. Our electronic fund transfer services are secure, and senders always have complete control over the process.

We’ve facilitated millions of dollars in electronic fund transfers and e-Transfers. As a Canadian financial technology company, Pateno is able to act more nimbly than a traditional bank, giving us the freedom and flexibility to ensure more seamless processes and stress-free payments without sacrificing security. We serve all businesses that make payments, from restaurants to insurance companies and subscription platforms to property managers.

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Business EFT Solutions

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