Support independent contractors

Easily transfer payments to independent contractors with Pateno. Our contractor payment solutions enable companies and contractors to make and accept payments through various online methods, reducing processing times and resources while streamlining payment efficiency. Keep your cash flow and operations running quickly and smoothly with our business payment solutions.


Customized payment methods

Pay contractors when they complete their work or submit their invoices. Personalize the payment method based on the contractor’s preferences.

Streamline your bookkeeping

Pateno’s advanced API technology and payment platform means easy integration into your accounting system, simplifying your bookkeeping processes.


Automated payment can scale your business

Our APIs allow you to automate payments, allowing contractors or other stakeholders to eliminate time-wasting and improve cash flow by requesting and speeding up fund collection.



Contractors who are not paid accurately or on-time face operational problems due to a lack of cash flow and income. At the same time, companies that fail to pay consistently develop a poor reputation, affecting future relationships. Both contractors and companies need a streamlined solution to make payments more readily transferable and accessible.


Using Pateno, contractors and companies can request and transfer money automatically on specific dates or work schedules, decreasing excessive administration resources while enhancing fund accessibility. Money can be transferred into individual accounts through EFTs, Interac eTransfer, prepaid cards or virtual wallets. Both parties can access and keep track of their earnings and expenses with ease.

How it Works

Contact & Consultation
Contact us today for more information about our products and services. We offer free consultations to help you get started with the products that best meet your needs.
Payment Production Selection
After a thorough analysis of your business’ needs, we can help you select from our smorgasbord of payment products and other services.
Custom Solutions & Reporting
Depending on your needs, we can develop custom solutions, initiate custom reporting, and notifications so that you always know the status of your incoming and outgoing payments.
Integration & Payment Distribution
We’re happy to help with the development, installation, and integration of our products to ensure a seamless transition. We work with your existing apps, portals, and websites.

Process Payments Smoothly