Grow your business with cryptocurrency 

Attract new customers to your online business by allowing and facilitating cryptocurrency payments. Pateno’s secure and effective crypto payment gateway helps all types of online businesses accept cryptocurrency and exchange it into their currency of choice, including fiat or crypto. We work with you to implement our crypto payment solutions within your business’ model and software infrastructure.


Accept & encourage fiat to crypto exchange

Our crypto to fiat payment gateway opens the door for your business to be paid in valuable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether. Once accepted, you may immediately exchange to fiat currency, to limit your exposure to price fluctuations, or you may hold in the desired cryptocurrency of your choice. When ready, you may withdraw funds to your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet.

Efficienct white label crypto software

We offer a highly customizable white label crypto payment gateway that can be tailored to your business’ and customers’ needs. We can provide a simplified payment platform across all points of e-commerce for the convenience of new and existing customers.


Cost-effective solution to reach global audiences

Crypto payment processing is a crucial aspect of your business going global. We offer a smart and efficient platform for your company to reach a wider and growing audience, without excessive fees. Pateno is affordable for all-sized businesses.



Cryptocurrency is changing the financial world rapidly, putting pressure on online companies to meet the needs of an ever-growing audience interested in paying for products with crypto assets. Failing to adapt to the new demands risks missing out on building connections with this audience while also falling behind competitors.


Pateno caters to the needs of all online-based companies by centralizing the management, transfers and exchange of major cryptocurrencies under an all-in-one integrated platform. Pateno can help businesses accept the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, boost conversions at checkout and gain more customers while offering frictionless international payments. Your business will lead the global market with our cryptocurrency solutions.

How it Works

Contact & Consultation
Contact us today for more information about our products and services. We offer free consultations to help you get started with the products that best meet your needs.
Payment Production Selection
After a thorough analysis of your business’ needs, we can help you select from our smorgasbord of payment products and other services.
Custom Solutions & Reporting
Depending on your needs, we can develop custom solutions, initiate custom reporting, and notifications so that you always know the status of your incoming and outgoing payments.
Integration & Payment Distribution
We’re happy to help with the development, installation, and integration of our products to ensure a seamless transition. We work with your existing apps, portals, and websites.

Process Payments Smoothly